Getting Started


This doc is a guide for people who are just getting started with JobBoardWP and provides a general overview of the plugin.

Menu links in Plugin

When you install JobBoardWP you will see the following links in the admin menu

  • Jobs - The list of all Jobs on your website.
  • Add New - This is where you can add a new Job.
  • Job Types - This allows you to edit the default Job Types and create additional Job Types.
  • Job Categories - This allows you to add/edit the Job Categories.
  • Settings - This allows you to manage plugin options.

Default pages

When you install and activate JobBoardWP, 3 pages will be added to your pages list:

  • Jobs - The jobs list page is where users can see all published jobs on your website. Search or filter them. It includes the shortcode: [jb_jobs /]
  • Jobs Dashboard - This allows you to manage your own jobs. Publish drafts, edit or delete posted jobs. Available only for logged-in users. This page includes the [jb_jobs_dashboard /] shortcode.
  • Post Job - This allows you to post new jobs or edit already posted/draft jobs. This page includes the [jb_post_job /] shortcode.

List of Shortcodes

JobBoardWP has shortcodes:

  • [jb_job] - display individual job
  • [jb_post_job] - post a job form
  • [jb_jobs] - jobs list
  • [jb_jobs_dashboard] - your own jobs

You could read more information about shortcodes here.

First steps

As every site can vary a lot, your first steps with the plugin will vary depending on the nature of your site. However, we would recommend thinking about how users may post the job on your website.

After that, you may want to edit settings in the plugin. This doc explains how to do this.

Learn about all the basic features in JobBoardWP

The best thing before diving straight into the plugin is to read in detail about all the different basic features and functionality that are available in the plugin which you can view here.

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